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Registering as a Facilitator in Phase 1 of the Medicine program - Step 1

Welcome to the on-line registration process for facilitators in the Medicine program.

Scenario groups are one of the key forms of teaching in Phase 1 of the UNSW Medicine program. Each course is 8 weeks (7 teaching weeks plus one week in which the exams are held) and integrates a range of biomedical, and social science content areas within contexts of authentic health experiences (scenarios). Students complete 8 courses in Phase 1, 4 in each year.

To become a scenario group facilitator, you should have an interest in students and student learning, and have professional experience in science, medicine or a health related field.

As a scenario group facilitator, you will facilitate a single group of ~14 students for two 2 hour scenario group sessions per week plus attend a facilitator meeting each week (total 5 hours/week for 7 weeks). The facilitator meetings in 2023 will either be held online or asynchronously.

The scenario group sessions help students integrate the information they receive in lectures, prac classes, clinical sessions and tutorials and relate this information to clinical practice. At the end of the 8 week course you will be expected to mark approximately 17 individual assignments and/or group projects per group you facilitate.

As a new facilitator you will need to attend a New Facilitator training session before you begin your course. The New Facilitator training session usually runs over half a day before the first and third courses of the year. This training session is designed to firstly familiarise you with the overall program structure, aims, graduate capabilities and assessment tasks that the students complete in Phase 1. In addition, you will learn and what is expected of you as a facilitator, and some helpful hints about effective facilitation. For further information, please contact the Phase 1 Convenors (Dr Karen Gibson and Marty Le Nedelec) () about this session.

All facilitators attend another session (approximately 2-3 hours) run by each Course Convenor/s prior to commencement of the course which introduces that particular course and provides you with the materials you will need. This session is usually held in the week prior to the commencement of the course. Once you register you will be contacted about this session.

You are welcome to choose to facilitate in anything from one to four courses for the year and we hope that most people will be able to do two or more. Staff who want to consolidate their teaching load could also opt to facilitate 2 groups in one course which reduces preparation requirements overall.

In 2024, Phase 1 scenario group sessions will be delivered face to face on campus.

If you haven’t already discussed facilitating a Phase 1 group with your Head of School please do so before registering.

If you have discussed your teaching program with your Head please continue to choose your Courses and Timetable.

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Overview of 2024 Phase 1 Courses for Facilitators

Download the guide "Facilitating Small Group Learning: Skills for Facilitators of Scenario Groups, Clinical Skills Groups".

If you have any problems, please contact Elena Mankovskaia (phone: 9065 7110 or email: e.mankovskaia@unsw.edu.au)

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